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BODY-SOLID (SDS650) Grey Cast Hex Dumbell Set 55 - 75 lb Pairs

BODY-SOLID (SDS650) Grey Cast Hex Dumbell Set 55 - 75 lb Pairs

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Set (55 - 75 lbs)

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The Body Solid Dumbbell Set made of cast iron with a hex head design is a set of durable dumbbells that will last a lifetime. Weight training gyms has never been safer with its anti-roll hex head and its edges having a smooth finish. Its raised silver letterings make lifting workouts easy and less complicated.

How this Gym Equipment Benefits Your Health:$

The Body Solid Dumbbell Set is an effective tool to strike a balance in both strength and physique. As dumbbells work each muscle individually, muscular imbalance is prevented. Uneven strength levels and the need for the stronger muscles to compensate for the weaker ones are averted with dumbbell exercises because each side is trained in the same manner and the same intensity. The Body Solid Dumbbell Set is not only corrective; it is also preventive. By restoring balance, the risk for injury is reduced. The Body Solid Dumbbell Set also works more muscles because aside from the primary movers, auxiliary or stabilizer muscles are activated to control the exercise. In biceps curls or in dumbbell overhead presses for example, a pair of dumbbells with the same weight is used to ensure balance, and since the movement is unilateral, more force is generated and more muscles are recruited on the sides being trained. Compared to machines, where the movement is somewhat more rigid because of the strict planes of movement, the Body Solid Dumbbell Set allows for a greater range of motion and the muscles are worked through their complete action, leading to improved flexibility and strength gains.


  • Set includes (2 each): 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75 lb.
  • Gray Cast Iron
  • Hex Head Design
  • Raised Silver Lettering
  • Straight Handles
  • Rack NOT Included
  • Home use or Commercial Grade for Health Club use
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