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Aeromat Elite Kettlebell Ball, 6 Lb - Orange (35830)

Aeromat Elite Kettlebell Ball, 6 Lb - Orange (35830)

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6 lb. KettleBell

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Say goodbye to traditional cast iron kettlebells and say hello to the 6 Lb - Orange Latex-free Aeromat Elite Kettlebell Medicine Ball. Made of pliable material, its new handle design offers more freedom and comfort. This versatile equipment is suitable for exercise programs focusing on core function, abdominal strength and rotational movement whether it is a group exercise or a personal training session.

How this Gym Equipment Benefits Your Health:

The Aeromat Elite Kettlebell offers many health benefits which help an individual to eventually achieve his fitness goals. Unlike exercise machines, dumbbells and barbells which only target specific problem areas, kettlebells are meant for full body workouts involving large muscle groups of the body. Generally, efficient kettlebell training results in combined strength and cardio workouts given limited exercise session. Significant fat loss is also expected since both the heart rate and the metabolism are elevated through constant swings and throws of the equipment. It is also noted that fewer injuries to the knees, ankles and feet are attributed to such workout since stretching and lengthening of the muscles are the primary movements.Kettlebell training using the Aeromat Elite can also be adapted according to the needs of an individual. If the fitness goal is to attain improved cardio, aerobic activities such as jogging or moderate jumping rope can be integrated into the exercise program. Mostly beneficial for athletes, kettlebell training can also be customized with active recovery in mind by passing the equipment in mid-air from one hand to another. Improvement is seen in hand-eye coordination and grip strength as well as the ability to absorb shock.


  • Orange - 6 Pound Kettlebell Medicine Ball
  • Pliable material structure offers user friendly alternative to traditional cast iron kettlebells
  • New handle design offers more freedom & comfort during exercise
  • Made of Latex free material with uniformed size (8" in diameter) for each weight
  • Versatile for core function, abdominal strength and rotational movement training
  • Great for group exercise & personal training

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